Pixel 5 Portrait Light Feature Comes To Older Pixels Via Google Photos

google pixel 5 portrait light feature

Google introduced the Pixel 5 smartphone back in September 2020. The phone carried tons of new features under the hood. The one thing that caught the most attention was the Google Pixel 5 Portrait Light.

To give you an idea of how this feature works, you can basically adjust the light source of a photo. And this can be adjusted after a photo has been taken.

You can adjust the lighting, brightness around the captured faces, lighting angle of portrait photos. All these allow you to get a selfie, exactly how you would have imagined it.


No smartphone has ever featured something neat like this. Moreover, this takes the already great Pixel 5’s photography to a whole another level.

Google ditched the route of launching a flagship phone. Instead, the company opted for two mid-range 5G phones, i.e. the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G.

Both the phones are already available for US customers and are priced more competitively to previous offerings from Google. Pixel phones are known for their great cameras.

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Google also did not overlook this department. Besides, brought in some first-of-a-kind features like a portrait light feature to its Google Pixel 5 device.

Google previously promised Portrait Light feature for older Pixel devices

Since the Google Pixel Portrait Light is a software-based feature, older Pixel phones should be capable of using it. Moreover, Google previously cleared that older Pixel phones will get this feature.

And the company stuck true to its words and is rolling out the Portrait Light feature to older Pixel phones including, the Pixel 2 series, the Pixel 3 series, the Pixel 3a series, the Pixel 4 series, and the Pixel 4a.


Notably, the Google Pixel 5 Portrait Light feature for older Pixel phones is arriving via the Google Photos app. This also means that you do not require to click an image using the portrait mode.

Google Photos will apply the bokeh effects to the pictures that were already taken. All thanks to the great image processing and machine learning of Google.

The version of Google Photos in which this Google Pixel 5 Portrait Light feature is enabled is v5.15.0.337400196. Apparently, this is a server-side update.


So, there is not much that you can do if the Portrait Light feature has not arrived on your Pixel device. It would gradually arrive on your phone.

For those who have received the feature, you can access it by heading over to Google Photos. Select an image with a face, hit the edit button, and head over to the ‘adjust’ tab.

Under that, you will see the new ‘Portrait Light’ button. A bubble will be visible on which you can hover around the face of the image to adjust and tweak the light source.


Additionally, you can also use the slider to adjust the intensity of lighting as well. Tapping the ‘Auto’ button at the bottom right would allow Google to do its magic without you worrying about a thing.