Incipio Offers Grippy Protection For Your Pixel 4a 5G Or Pixel 5

Incipio Google Pixel Grip case hero

Incipio has now expanded its grippy, slim-fitting Grip cases for Google Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5. That's based on an announcement from the company, with the cases now appearing live on its official site.

What do buyers get with this Pixel 4a 5G or Pixel 5 Incipio Grip case?

Now, key features for these Pixel-ready Incipio cases aren't too out-of-the-ordinary but are definitely going to make the case worth the price.

Not only is this case packed with slight protrusions to improve grip from every direction. The raised-edge bezel protects the screen in drops and there's "Impact Strut protection tech" to reduce the force from impacts. In effect, that means this device should absorb impacts, keeping the force of it away from the phone, its cameras, and its screen.

In fact, Incipio says this protective case has been tested to withstand drops up to 14-feet. That's around a foot better than many competing cases, and up to double others. It's not going to get banged up too much from those drops either. According to Incipio, the case is both scratch- and discoloration-resistant. That's likely for the case itself but also for the devices they're designed to protect.

For protection against things that can't necessarily be seen with the naked eye, the case features antimicrobial protection too. That kills 99.9-percent of surface bacteria. Although Incipio doesn't indicate any specific bacteria that will be killed by the case. Of course, that doesn't mean bacteria will be kept off of exposed surfaces such as the screen, cameras, or fingerprint scanner.

Despite the ruggedization, the new Incipio Grip cases for Google Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 are wireless charging compatible. So they should fit nicely with both wireless and reverse wireless charging. And they won't prevent 5G transmission either.

Pricing and availability

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Incipio opted to price the new Grip case at the same price for both the Google Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5. The same goes for the somewhat more expensive Pixel 4a 5G UW. But only the Incipio Grip Case for the Google Pixel 5 comes in two colors. The site lists a Black and Midnight Blue case for the pricier Pixel handset but the cheaper Pixel 4a 5G only comes in Midnight Blue.

In either case, the cases will start shipping on October 12, can be pre-ordered now, and cost just $39.99. Shipping is free within the US and the cases ship with Incipio's Lifetime guarantee.