Outlook For Android Now Supports Syncing With Calendar Apps

Outlook For Android App AH Featured Image

Microsoft has added a nifty feature to its Outlook app with the latest Play Store update. Outlook for Android will now allow users to sync their calendars with other calendar apps like Google Calendar and Samsung Calendar. Users can update their Outlook app to the latest version from the Play Store to start syncing their calendar apps.

This is very beneficial for those who use multiple calendar apps. Notably, syncing calendars works both ways. When compatible calendar apps are linked, the Outlook calendar events will also show up in those apps. Similarly, events from other calendar apps will appear in the Outlook calendar.

Outlook now supports syncing with Google and Samsung calendar apps

Users can also make edits to the events in any of the synced apps. Apart from first-party apps like Google Calendar and Samsung Calendar, this should also work with any calendar app available on the Play Store. Moreover, this new feature is not just limited to Microsoft 365 (previously known as Office 365) subscribers.

It will be available to everyone with an Outlook email account. Outlook is already one of the best email clients available in the Play Store. With this new feature, more users could switch to Outlook from other apps. Over the last few months, Microsoft has added several new features to improve productivity.

Just last month, the company announced that it would soon integrate voice assistant into the Outlook app. The app will support scheduling a meeting or sending a short email using the voice assistant. There are also a few new shortcuts for suggested replies.

Microsoft announced to soon add more shortcuts

First off, Outlook will suggest the option to send availability or schedule meeting if it detects any meeting or get together related information. While the Outlook notifications on Android come with three quick actions, the app will allow the user to customize any of them to their liking.

Furthermore, users can scan the QR code shown on the Outlook website for quickly signing in to the Outlook mobile app. Microsoft is also bringing the weather to the Outlook app. Users can get a quick glance at the current and forecasted weather at their current location.

The company will also add text predictions to the Outlook mobile app. This feature will, however, be exclusive to Microsoft 365 subscribers. Outlook will also get a new feature called Reactions around the New Year. Users can add emojis to emails in group conversations to express their feelings without having to add more emails.