OnePlus Phones Will Not Come Pre-Installed With Any Facebook Bloatware

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OnePlus users have two things to be happy about. Firstly, the company just introduced the OnePlus 8T, and secondly, the company won't be installing the Facebook bloatware on any of its phones.

Yes, you heard it right! As per a report by Input Mag, OnePlus has confirmed that the company will not pre-install any Facebook apps or services on its devices.

Notably, the recently launched OnePlus 8T also does not come with any pre-installed bloatware, especially any of the Facebook apps or services.

However, if you are following us, we have reported back in August, that OnePlus confirmed the installation of bloatware like Facebook App Installer, Facebook Services, and Facebook App Manager as system apps.

Moreover, the OnePlus Nord and OnePlus 8 series came with Facebook apps pre-installed. This eventually did not go down well with the OnePlus users, and they thrashed the company on various platforms.

But it seems like the company has noted down the uproar among its loyal OnePlus users. And has decided not to include any crapware on its phones.

There is the Netflix app pre-installed though, which is required for enabling HDR playback on the streaming service. Besides that, there is nothing.

No future OnePlus phone would come with any Facebook bloatware pre-installed

Good thing is that future OnePlus phones will also not come with any of the Facebook junk pre-installed. I mean, this is something that is OnePlus is known for.

Providing a clean and almost stock-Android experience is something that has been one of the selling points of OnePlus smartphones. Based on that, the company has amassed a huge loyal OnePlus fanbase.

Though the company ditched the stock-Android UI with the latest OxygenOS 11 based on Android 11. Apparently, it is strikingly similar to what Samsung has with One UI.

Just like One UI, OxygenOS has similar elements that are meant to make one-hand operation easier on larger displays. But the fact is that millions of users prefer Samsung's One UI as well. So there is not much to worry about OnePlus.

Another good thing that came out of this situation is that OnePlus is one of those companies that listens to its users. Besides, it also brings certain features that are suggested by the users themselves.

So, it is a good give and takes relationship between OnePlus and its users. As for the OnePlus 8T, the phone packs some good specs under the hood and also does not carry a flagship price.

It is priced somewhere in the middle ground of OnePlus 8 Pro and OnePlus Nord. But provides all the high-level specs you would expect out of an OnePlus T-series phone. You can check out our complete review, here.