Special Edition OnePlus Nord May Not Offer Sandstone Back After All

OnePlus Nord special edition leak

Later today, OnePlus is planning to announce a new Nord smartphone, along with the OnePlus 8T. That device got teased by the company already, and many people assumed it will offer a Sandstone back. Well, a new image has now surfaced, suggesting that the Special Edition OnePlus Nord may not feature a Sandstone back after all.

This image got shared by a Twitter user ‘Kellen’, who says he found it on OnePlus Forums, as the image was allegedly shared by the company ahead of time. That image is now gone, but he managed to get it before it was taken down.

The OnePlus Nord ‘Special Edition’ won’t feature a Sandstone back, it seems

If you take at the image below, you’ll see what we’re talking about here. It says this is the ‘Special Edition’ Gray Ash variant, the rumored one. The thing is, we can also see the back side of the device, and it sure doesn’t look like it’s a Sandstone back.

The company’s ‘Sandstone’ material became really popular over the years. It was included on the back side of the two OnePlus handsets, and the company also released quite a few cases made out of that material.

Sandstone is supposed to mimic sandpaper, it’s not slippery, or anything of the sort. By the looks of this image, the Special Edition OnePlus Nord will include either glass or ceramic on its back.

It could even be ceramic, as this is supposed to be a ‘Special Edition’ phone, I’m only guessing here. Other than a different color and possibly material of its back, the rest of the phone will be the same, it seems.

This handset will probably cost more than the regular model, by the way. It’s also worth noting that OnePlus is expected to announce two new Nord smartphones later this month. Both will be inferior to the already-available OnePlus Nord, though.

Stay tuned, as the company’s press event will kick off at 7 AM PST / 4 PM CET. During that event, we’ll get all the necessary information about this ‘Special Edition’ smartphone.