OnePlus Claims It Didn't Break Its High Refresh Rate Display Promise

oneplus nord n100 oxygenos 10.5.1 update

OnePlus has failed to keep up with its high refresh rate display promise, it seems. Because the recently released OnePlus Nord N100 does not come with a high refresh rate display, which was earlier promised.

OnePlus started off being the flagship killer in the smartphone industry. However, with time, OnePlus phones are themselves becoming a flagship phone at a flagship price.

Although there is not much compromise in the OnePlus phones when it comes to specifications, OnePlus is not offering something it promised itself, officially.


Just to refresh your memory and to help you connect the dots, OnePlus made a promise back in September 2019. It said that all the future OnePlus devices will come with a high refresh rate display.

Here are the official words, "From now on, all future OnePlus smartphones will come with the Fluid Display technology," former OnePlus executive Carl Pei said during the OnePlus 7T India launch. (linked below; head to 15:29 for the exact statement)

OnePlus calls its high refresh rate displays as 'Fluid Display'. This trend of including fluid display started off with the OnePlus 7 series and has continued since then.

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In fact, the mid-range OnePlus Nord also came with a fluid display, i.e. a 90Hz refresh rate display. However, the recently released OnePlus Nord N100 packs a 60Hz LCD display.

OnePlus clarifies that the statement was made in context to the company's flagship devices

For the unaware, OnePlus has followed up in the mid-range territory with its two devices, OnePlus Nord N10 and N100. And out of the two, the latter, i.e. OnePlus Nord N100, does not pack the high refresh rate display.

This is pretty surprising to see OnePlus doing this. Because the company is known to live up to its words. But now, we are having second thoughts on that.


When our friends at 9to5Google asked OnePlus to clarify this matter, OnePlus seemingly tried to cover up. A spokesperson said that Nord is an entirely different product line, and the statement was made in reference to the company's flagship devices.

And if we go by the company's statement, OnePlus Nord indeed does not fall under the flagship category. But now the question arises that why the OnePlus Nord N10 comes with a high refresh rate panel?

Moreover, there was no such word as "flagship' mentioned during the statement made by the former director Carl Pei. So, it is clear that OnePlus is backtracking on its promise.


Another thing to point out that the Oppo A53, which is the device on which the OnePlus Nord N100 is based, comes with a 90Hz display.

At the moment, it is pretty unclear what's going on with OnePlus. And why they could not keep up with their promise. Or one theory could be that OnePlus now wants to be in the big leagues.

So, some promises broken, here and there, won't matter. We would wait to head more from OnePlus in this matter and will deduce what actually is the matter.