OnePlus Will Continue Without Its Brand Co-Founder Carl Pei

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Earlier this week it was rumored that Carl Pei, the co-founder of the OnePlus brand, was leaving the company. Today, Pei has confirmed that he has indeed left OnePlus and will be moving onto a new journey in his career.

The first rumors of Pei’s departure were followed by a separate rumor about what Pei will be working on. Now that he wasn’t going to be part of the OnePlus brand, and even though he’ll still be recognized as the company’s co-founder.

While not necessarily the reason for leaving, Pei will reportedly be starting up his own company. Though at the moment it’s entirely clear what the company will focus on or if that rumors is even accurate.


C0-founder of the OnePlus brand, Founder of an entirely new venture?

Pei hasn’t been forthcoming on exactly what he’s doing next in regards to his career. But if the rumors from earlier in the week are indeed accurate, then he may be starting a new venture.

What this venture will be is all but known. So far, the only thing Pei has shared is that he did leave OnePlus and that he is ready to move on. Pei’s penchant for creating things that have a meaningful impact on people’s lives is sure to drive him forward.

And whatever the next thing is that he creates, or helps create, there’s little doubt that it will gain instant notoriety among his fans and followers. Even if his future venture doesn’t involve creating smartphones, it’s likely that it would still find a following.


Taking time off to rest

Though lack of Pei’s presence will surely be felt among the OnePlus community, Pei like anyone else, is human.

He states that since beginning this journey with OnePlus some years ago, his “singular focus” has been to build up the brand. Any other interests, projects, or visions he had, always fell second to OnePlus in terms of garnering most of his attention.

Pei was 24 when he helped co-found OnePlus. That was seven years ago. He recollects spending most of the last seven years working on everything OnePlus has brought to market.


Now that OnePlus is behind him, Pei (now 31) states that he’ll be taking time off to rest. He’ll use that time to decompress he says. While spending more time with friends and family before moving forward onto the next thing. Whatever that is.