New OnePlus 8T Update Optimizes Power Consumption & More

Oneplus 8T AM AH 5

The OnePlus 8T has just started receiving a new update, which optimizes power consumption, and much more. This update is marked as OxygenOS, reports XDA Developers. The update still did not arrive to our unit, but it will soon.

As most of you know, these updates are staged. So it will take at least a couple of days for it to reach every single 8T unit. It doesn’t really matter where you live, the update is rolling out randomly to users.

Optimizing power consumption is one of the main changes in this OnePlus 8T update

This update weighs 138MB, and the company listed quite a few changes in the changelog. This update will optimize system power consumption on the device, and reduce heat generation.


It also fixed the issue because of which the icons are not displayed on the desktop on some rare occasions. Under the ‘System’ changes, OnePlus also listed “improved system stability and fixed known issues”, which essentially means a ton of smaller problems have been fixed.

The company has also optimized Bluetooth connection in order to reduce latency. The general connection stability has been improved as well. If you’ve been having issues with the Gallery, that should no longer be an issue.

OnePlus has fixed the abnormal display issue while loading a preview photo. So if you’ve experienced that in the OnePlus Gallery, hopefully you won’t from this point on.


Some 5G-related fixes have also been issued

The last entry in the changelog has to do with the network connectivity. The intelligent 5G function has been optimized in order to improve battery life on the device.

This is a stable update, and as already mentioned, it’s already rolling out. If you’re not willing to wait, however, you can install it manually. Installing it manually is not an issue, as you can do it from the device once you download it. Download links are included below, if you’re unwilling to wait for it to land OTA (Over The Air).

Full OTA (Europe)


Incremental OTA (Europe)

Full OTA (India)

Incremental OTA (India)