OnePlus 8T Durability Test Shows Massive Improvements

OnePlus 8T JerryRigEverything Durability YT Screenshot

The only OnePlus 8T durability test we’ve all been waiting for shows some rather remarkable improvements over last year’s model. Which is unsurprising, seeing how similar it is to the OnePlus 8. Which was our first indicator that the company learned from its past, crackingly loud mistakes. In effect, this year seems to be all about structural integrity for the rising Chinese brand. Because the OnePlus 8T is its second smartphone in just over six months that survived abuse from someone menacing enough to call themselves JerryRigEverything.

The handset did pass Zack Nelson’s durability test with relatively flying colors. Though the fairly standardized abuse it underwent revealed there’s still some room for improvement. Most notably in regards to its resistance to bending. Fortunately, that’s one of the last things likely to end your daily driver. Probably.

The OnePlus 8T is otherwise as resistant to scratches and other forms of minor mechanical damage as you’d expect. It’s even able to take fire to its closest equivalent to a face like a champ. Which is consistent with the basic properties of AMOLED panels such as the 120Hz module it uses. But it’s probably best to see how a $750 gadget gets put through the paces with your own eyes and someone else’s production budget. At least if your goal is to appreciate its build quality. So, thank JerryRigEverything for this video if you see him, just don’t shake hands with him:


OnePlus 8T durability leaves little to be desired, provided you’re not expecting a ruggedized level of protection

After seemingly solving the durability shortcomings of its past products, OnePlus is closer than ever to the modern smartphone ideal. Some will argue it’s been close for years and that may be right, but the closer you get to four-digit price tags, the more these little differences seem to matter. Whether in smartphones or any other form of at least somewhat luxurious goods.

Make sure to take a look at our detailed OnePlus 8T review if you haven’t already because OnePlus really impressed us this year. And its timing could have hardly been better, given how utterly mediocre 2020 has been for smartphone enthusiasts overall. Of course, that was for reasons outside of the industry’s control. Either way, the OnePlus 8T is scheduled for release next Friday, October 23rd, after which it’s destined to trade some blows with the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition and the iPhone 12 range.