OnePlus 8T Display Earns DisplayMate's Highest A+ Rating

AH OnePlus 8T review image 771

The OnePlus 8T display has been awarded the highest rating from DisplayMate. The phone’s display has been awarded the A+ rating by DisplayMate, the same as its siblings, and the 7 Pro.

What does this mean? Well, DisplayMate says that the OnePlus 8T display is “visually indistinguishable from perfect”. That is basically what characterizes displays that win this rating from the company.

The display offers very high absolute color, image contrast, and intensity scale accuracy. This display can actually provide you with up to 1,090 nits of brightness, thanks to its high brightness mode.

DisplayMate says that the OnePlus 8T set or matches 11 Display Performance Records

DisplayMate also notes that luminance accuracy has been improved in comparison to the standard OnePlus 8. The company also notes that this display “sets or matches” 11 Display Performance Records.

The company does note that the OnePlus 8T display also has an improved refresh rate over the OnePlus 8. The device’s display refreshes at 120Hz, while the OnePlus 8’s is rated at 90Hz.

It is also noted that the display calibration color accuracy and image contrast accuracy has been improved. The same goes for the high brightness mode luminance accuracy.

We’ve actually already reviewed the OnePlus 8T, and have been convinced in the quality of its display. This is a fullHD+ AMOLED panel, and it truly is that good. It’s one of the best fullHD+ panels out there.

DisplayMate went into great detail when it comes to this display. It dissected every single aspect of it in its detailed report, in case you’re interested in going through everything.

The OnePlus 8T is a great device overall, with a great price tag. It doesn’t have many shortcomings, and its display definitely isn’t one of them. It is also flat, which is worth noting, as most people seem to prefer flat displays over curved ones. The OnePlus 8T actually follows in the OnePlus 7T’s footsteps when display curvature is concerned.