OnePlus 6 & 6T Performance & Security Boosted Via New Update

OnePlus 6T AH NS 40 back

The OnePlus 6 and 6T handsets have started receiving a new update which improves the performance and security on the two devices. This update is marked as OxygenOS 10.3.6 for both devices.

The update is rolling out as we speak, and it will reach your device OTA (Over-The-Air). This is a staged update, so it won’t roll out to everyone straight away. Later in the article, however, we’ll explain how you can update it immediately.

This update brings various system stability improvements to the two devices, and also some general bug fixes. OnePlus did not go into detail regarding any of that, however.

This OnePlus 6 & 6T update is all about boosted performance & security

On top of that, the official changelog mentions that this update brings a new Android security patch to the tablet. A security patch for September 2020 has landed on the devices.

That is pretty much everything that got listed in the changelog. Running a VPN in order to update won’t exactly do you much good. This update is not region-based, nor will one region get it before the other.

Having that in mind, you can update manually, if you want. You can flash the update manually by downloading full OTA update files. The full OTA file for the OnePlus 6 can be found here, while you can download it for the OnePlus 6T by clicking here.

If you do not exactly what you’re doing, you should avoid doing this, however. This is not your regular click-and-install process. If you’re not familiar with flashing, simply wait for the update to arrive.

The OTA update should reach your device within a week. Well, unless OnePlus spots a new major bug in the near future, in which case it may halt the update. It has happened several items in the past, but usually, everything is alright.

There you have it. This is not a huge update for the two phones, but these two handsets are not exactly new at this point. It’s nice to see some quality of life updates reaching them, though.