Official Google Pixel 5 Wallpapers Are Available To Download

Google Pixel 5 image 1

Google had introduced its new flagship yesterday, the Google Pixel 5. We’ve already talked about the phone at length, and now the Pixel 5 wallpapers are available to download.

These wallpapers have been shared by XDA’s Mishaal Rahman. He shared them via Twitter, and provided a download link if you’d like to get full resolution options. That link is included below the article.

The official Google Pixel 5 wallpapers are playful and cartoonish

These wallpapers are quite interesting, to say the least. All of them are quite playful, and some of them are pretty weird at the same time, Cartoonish is also a term that comes to mind. There are 12 wallpapers included in total.


Many of these wallpapers are designed to hide the phone’s display camera hole. Some ideas are actually really neat, by the way, and chances are you’ll like at least some of these wallpapers.

We’ve included them all in the gallery down below, so that you can preview them before downloading. Do note that the wallpapers in the gallery have been compressed.

If you’d like to get your hands on full resolution wallpapers, you’ll have to download them, as mentioned already. All of these wallpapers come in fullHD+ resolution, made for the Google Pixel 5. So, we’re looking at 2340 x 1080 wallpapers here.


The Google Pixel 5 does come as Google’s new flagship, but it does not include a flagship SoC. The device comes with the Snapdragon 765G, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The phone is priced at $699 in the US

The Pixel 5 is priced at $699 in the US, and that price would have been higher if the company included the Snapdragon 865. Truth be said, the Galaxy S20 FE managed to do it, and so will the OnePlus 8T, but… that’s another discussion.

Google also opted for older RAM and UFS storage modules here. That probably won’t bother many people, as the Pixel 5 will probably perform great. Its software is not heavy, plus these specs are more than enough to run the phone.


The device may not be at the top of the benchmarking results, nor is it the best phone for gaming, but for everything else, it’s more than good enough, at least on paper.

The phone also includes a promising camera setup with new camera features. Google finally included an ultra-wide camera here, and that’s a highly-requested addition.

This handset launched alongside the Pixel 4a 5G. That phone is more affordable, but also inferior to the Pixel 5. It does come with a slightly larger display, but that display does not offer a high refresh rate, like the one on the Pixel 5.


If you’d like to know more about the Pixel 5, check out our initial announcement. We’ve also shared a ton of other Pixel content, click here if you’re interested.