Nokia 10 In The Pipeline As The Company Aims A Top 3 Spot

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HMD Global, the Finnish firm behind Nokia smartphones, could be working on a new flagship called Nokia 10. Nokiamob has found a reference for the phone in a leaked internal document from the company. The document does not offer any further information about the device itself. However, according to the report, it does prohibit employees from commenting on rumors about “Nokia 10.”

Interestingly, it is the only device name mentioned in the document. So there’s a good chance that the device is in the pipeline for a launch in the coming months. In all probability, Nokia 10 will be a flagship smartphone from the company. It is yet to announce a successor to the Nokia 9 PureView that launched last year.

There have been reports of a Nokia 9.3 PureView arriving this year, but nothing has materialized yet. Now, with Nokia 10 seemingly in the pipeline, it remains to be seen if the two are the same devices. But either be the case, Nokia 10 should arrive as the most powerful Nokia smartphone to date.


Nokia 10 reference found in a leaked internal document

Along with the reference for the Nokia 10, the leaked document also provides insight into the company’s ambitions. HMD Global still hopes to become one of the top three smartphone vendors within the next 3 to 5 years, a goal it set in 2016.

The company is targeting India, China, Russia, Indonesia, the UK, Germany, South Africa, Mexico, and the USA as its key markets. Samsung is pretty much unshakable at the top but Huawei’s misfortunes could pave a way for Nokia to increase its market share significantly over the next few quarters.

Additionally, the leaked document also gives a huge emphasis on Nokia’s partnership with Google. “Google provides 95% of our innovation,” the document states referring to Nokia phones as the Pixels for every price point. It wants to master the Google offer and become the best and preferred Google partner.


To recall, HMD Global recently secured an investment of $230 million from Google and other partners. It is one of the very few OEMs to launch Android One phones this year. This close relationship with Google was reflected in a recent research report that showed Nokia leading the charts for both Android OS updates as well as Android security patch frequencies.

Last but not least, the document says that the company needs to follow strict guidelines while organizing events. Among the points raised is that Nokia shouldn’t compare its products with competing products from rival brands.

Nokia has been struggling to keep up with the competition lately. It’ll be interesting to see if all these strategical moves help the company carve out a market for itself.