Nanoleaf's Smart Lights Now Come In A Triangle Shape

Nanoleaf triangle smart lights featured

Nanoleaf's smart lights have long been the talk of every technology-enthusiast and decorator. Now the company is announcing a new line of products based on one simple shape – the triangle.

They are the second set of shapes in Nanoleaf's Nanoleaf Shapes series, which began this past March with its Hexagon series. Nanoleaf envisions the full line to feature a variety of different shapes all capable of being connected together.

Nanoleaf's CEO and founder, Gimmy Chu, shared his excitement about the new design: "With the addition of Triangles and Mini Triangles, we're allowing users to explore and combine lighting shapes like never before," he said. "Bringing together smart technology and thoughtful design, the Shapes Line leads the Smart Decor category for a lighting experience that truly has no limits."


Nanoleaf's new Connect+ technology will make the new shapes even easier to connect with support for Hexagons and more.

The latest in smart lights

LEDs have been identified as the future of lighting and are quickly replacing more conventional types of lighting such as incandescent bulbs or florescent lights.

It has been noted that LEDs are both energy-efficient and affordable due to their 14-year lifespan. Nanoleaf is taking LEDs a step forward by promising beautiful design on top of that.

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Both new shapes feature a snap-on mounting system to make their setup and installation even more flexible.

Each smart lighting panel comes with Nanoleaf's standard array of features including Screen Mirror, touch-enabled experiences, and Rhythm Music Sync. Each panel is capable 16 million different shades of color.

The panels are fully controllable from the Nanoleaf app on your phone as well as the Nanoleaf remote. They also support Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Homekit, and Samsung SmartThings.


Worldwide expansion

Nanoleaf began in 2012 and has quickly become one of the nation's leading startups in innovative LED lighting and design. Its first products were released on Kickstarter.

Nanoleaf is based in Toronto, Ontario. However, in the past several years they have expanded their offices to Europe to become a global enterprise. Nanoleaf's smart lights have been seen in North America, Europe, and the far reaches of Asia.

As for its newest product offering, the Triangles and Mini Triangles will be available from their website as well as Home Depot, Best Buy, and several other outlets.


The complete kits cost $199 for the full-sized triangles and $119 for the smaller size. Additionally, expansion packs are $59 and $119 for the two types, respectively.