Mundus Pro Review – Certified UV-C Sanitizer With Fast Qi Charging

Mundus Pro AH HR Feature

Mundus Pro by Einova is the UV-C Sanitizer and Fast wireless Charger to buy!

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  • Sleek and compact design
  • Independent third party certification
  • Quick 8 minute sanitization cycle
  • Two fast Qi charging stations
  • Wired USB port for upto 18W charging
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Good value for the price
  • No tactile or audible feedback
  • Proprietary charging brick
  • Removing large phones is awkward
  • Tray is not deep to store charging brick for portability
  • Surface is glossy ergo a fingerprint magnet

Einova provided Android Headlines with a pre-production review unit of their Mundus Pro Sanitizer. This review was written after using the device for more than 3 days. The pre-production unit did not arrive in its final product packaging for our review.

Mundus Pro is a UV-C Disinfectant Accessories Tray and Fast Qi Wireless Charging Dock from Einova. Mundus Pro is currently available via a launch campaign on Kickstarter.

By now we have all endured almost eight months of handwashing and alcohol gel sanitizing thanks to the novel Coronavirus or SARS-CoV-2. The global pandemic has also led to an increase in innovation around improving smartphone hygiene. After all, in this digital age, our smartphones are likely the one thing we touch most on any given day. Everyday we see a new device being launched that uses UV-C light to sanitize a smartphone and other small everyday use items.

So let's find out how the Mundus Pro by Einova performs in general everyday use in a post-COVID world.


Mundus Pro Unboxing and Setup

Our test unit arrived in a generic brown box. Inside it was the UV-C Disinfectant Accessories Tray and in another smaller box was the proprietary charging brick with an extension cord. Since this is a pre-production unit I wasn't able to find a manual inside.

Mundus Pro AH HR Content

Setup was easy. Plug the cord into the brick and then the brick output cable into the back of the device. I have been testing the device for more than a couple of days now with my smartphones, earbud cases, keys, and even cloth facemasks.

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Design of Mundus Pro is sleek

I like the size of the device. It's has a square shape of 7.5 x 7.5 inches and the depth of the device is 2 inches. It has nice rounded curves with no sharp edges or corners.

The surface finish is a glossy pearlescent white color. While the outer surface looks great, the glossy finish does mean it is a fingerprint magnet.

Mundus Pro AH HR HW6


Device's lid acts as the wireless charging portion and has a slightly embossed circle indicating the wireless charging area. There is a vertical divider in the middle of the circle with two subtle Qi logos indicating that you can charge two devices simultaneously.

The front of the device has a circular LED touch button. However, there is no tactile feedback from the button. There are no audio beeps either letting you know that the cycle is complete. The only indication that the unit is running a disinfection cycle is the glowing white circular LED.

On the back of the device, you can see the hinge for the lid, a USB port, and the power input port. The bottom of the device has 5 rubber bumpers to keep the device steady and from scratching your furniture.


The lid has a lip to seal against the bottom tray and keep the UV-C rays inside. There are 2 UV-C lamps and 2 UV-C LEDs inside the box. Two on each side and two for each compartment in the tray as you can see in the picture gallery. Each UV-C lamp and UV-C LED is tuned to a certain frequency to maximize the disinfection effect.

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The inner sanitizing chamber has space for multiple items: two phones at the same time, sunglasses, watches, AirPods, personal protective masks, or anything else that fits. Additionally, the textured bottom (small tiny bumps) ensures that the UV-C light has access from every possible angle, without needing to flip or rotate the items inside.

The overall look is clean and very European with no visible logos or other markings. But I am guessing the final version will have some logos and information on the bottom.

A quick note that this device will support various gadgets that have Qi technology-enabled. So make sure that your device has Qi wireless charging capabilities prior to using it with the Mundus Pro. I had no trouble fast charging my S20 FE and various other devices. Of course, each gadget's charging speed will be dependent on the output supported by its device manufacturer.


Simple one-step operation

To start the disinfection place the item(s) inside and tap on the circle. This starts the 8-minute disinfection cycle At the start of the cycle only one-quarter of the circle blinks, at the end of 2 minutes, the first quarter is solid and the subsequent quarter of the circle blinks, and so on until at the end of eight minutes, the entire circle is lit with white LED light.

Once the 8-minute cycle is complete and you see the entire circle lit you can tap the button to stop the LED from being lit, open the lid and remove the item(s). Besides this visual clue, there is no indication to let you know that the cycle is complete and it is safe to remove the item(s) from the tray. The unit does have a sensor so if you open the lid mid-cycle it instantly switches off the UV-C lamps inside. Once you close the lid, it resumes the disinfecting cycle.

Mundus Pro AH HR W1


To wirelessly charge a gadget just place it on the top surface on either side of the divided circle. Again there are no LEDs indicating your device is being charged wirelessly except what you can see on your smartphone or earbuds case. My S20 FE indicated that it was "Fast Charging".  And yes, you can run the sanitizing cycle and wirelessly charge at the same time.

Mundus Pro AH HR W2 1

If you have a device that only supports wired charging you can use a cable and plug it into the USB outlet at the back which supports up to 18W charging. I tested this function out with my Nuu G5 smartphone being charged with the cable, while the S20 FE and  Enacfire E60 earbuds were charging wirelessly.

Use case Observations

The overall operation is quite easy and intuitive. Keep in mind I was able to use the device and write the review without any manual inside the box.  I would have liked some tactile and audible feedback from the button. If the tray depth could be slightly deeper, this would allow the ability to take the unit along on your travels. Because the charging brick and cable can now fit inside the device box.

For phones larger than the Pixel 4XL or S20 FE you will have to lift the unit and turn it upside down and catch the phone as it drops from the tray because there isn't enough room to pick it up with your hands. I had trouble getting my Nuu G5 out of the box without this method. This observation applies to either compartment in the tray. So a slightly larger unit would have been nice as well.

One great thing about the Mundus Pro is that it's the only UV-C sanitizing device certified effective by the EPA and Intertek so that is a definite plus in my opinion.

Mundus Pro AH HR W1a

As far as wireless charging is concerned, I think Mundus Pro's Qi-certified fast wireless charging dock is capable of wirelessly charging two devices quite well. And wired charging is also great up to 18W.

Mundus Pro Conclusion

Mundus Pro AH HR Final

Despite some minor issues noted in the review, I think this is a great UV-C sanitizing device for the price.

Quick 8-minute sanitizing cycle and the ability to fast charge 3 devices simultaneously are really nice and convenient features. The fact that Mundus Pro has independent lab certification provides a lot of confidence especially for a product from Kickstarter.

If you are searching for a device that improves smartphone hygiene get the Mundus Pro.