Microsoft Edge Browser Gets Screenshot Tool, Plus More Features

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As per The Verge, Microsoft Edge is getting some new features that bring price comparison, screenshot tool, and some additional features to the browser.

With the help of the screenshot tool, users will now be able to take a screenshot of the entire webpage without the need of adding an extension.

Notably, all these features are part of the broader update for this month. Moreover, the price comparison feature is also a pretty nifty and handy feature for those who love shopping online.


And the embedded Microsoft Edge price comparison feature lets you compare a list of products with other retailers. You can add a list of products to your Collection and hit the “compare price to other retailers” button to get comparisons.

However, note that this is a simple and basic comparison tool. And will be available only for the users in the US only. But Microsoft plans to bring this Microsoft Edge price comparison feature with options for coupons in the future.

Coming back to the Microsoft Edge screenshot tool, you can easily scroll and grab the screenshot of the webpage. Notably, the Microsoft Edge screenshot tool will automatically scroll the page down to capture everything in a single screenshot.


Microsoft Edge is also getting a customizable tab page and PDF handling feature

Well, alongside the price comparison and screenshot tool, the Microsoft Edge browser is also getting some more features. Basically, it is getting a new customizable new tab page feature.

This allows the user to customize the new tab page with their own photo. Moreover, the PDF handling feature is another boost that the Microsoft Edge browser is getting.

The PDF Handling feature lets you quickly navigate to any section of the PDF, thanks to a new table of contents support. Pinterest integration is another additional feature with the new update.


Users can simply export webpages, images, or text from Collections into their Pinterest boards. Collections can now be exported as Excel, OneNote, Word, and Pinterest.

Exporting to email is still not supported. The reason behind this is that the Collections feature in Microsoft edge retains the format and content, making it difficult to replicate on an email.

All these said Microsoft Edge features will be arriving for the users over this month via an update. However, there are still some features like Tab and history sync that miss out.


Good thing is that, as per Divya Kumar, head of product management for browser, search, and content services at Microsoft told The Verge that Tab and history sync will be coming to the Edge browser soon, probably by this fall.

microsoft edge price comparison feature new
microsoft edge price comparison feature new