These Headphones From LucidSound Are Perfect For Your PS5

LucidSound LS15P

If you're picking up a PS5 this holiday season you probably want to consider a headset as well, and this new one from LucidSound just might be the perfect fit.

The LS15P is the latest headset from LucidSound and is designed specifically for the PS5, but it will also work with PS4, PC, and mobile devices. Giving this headset some versatility, something which really can't be overstated as to how valuable that makes the headset.

It's also fairly affordable at $99. So you won't break the bank picking it up over some of the other options.


The LucidSound LS15P may not take advantage of the PS5 3D audio

Since this was designed for the PS5, this is likely to be a pretty good headset for use with the PS5. It's not overly expensive, it comes from a decent brand, and it has some pretty good features.

The one thing that isn't clarified though is whether or not this headset takes advantage of the system's 3D audio. One of the big features of the PS5 is the 3D audio, and Sony has confirmed that you won't need its Pulse 3D wireless headset to use it.

It did not however list which headsets would be compatible. So unfortunately it seems like it's up to the third-party brands to mention that. Something which LucidSound does not confirm in the details about the LS15P.

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3D audio aside, the LS15P still offers useful features like a battery life of up to 15 hours, a detachable mic with mic monitoring so you can hear how you sound when you use it, and three EQ modes.

The LS15P is also lightweight and flexible so it should hold up durability-wise. It also comes with all the familiar features from other LucidSound headsets. Like the on-ear controls for game and chat volume, mute toggles and more.

LucidSound also makes one for the Xbox Series X|S

Going for the Xbox this generation? Maybe you're getting both consoles but you already have a headset for the PS5 and you just need one for the Xbox Series X|S.


Good news, then. Because LucidSound made a model designed for the Xbox Series X|S as well. The LS15X is the same headset with the same features. The difference being is that it's compatible with the Xbox Series X, the Xbox Series S, and the Xbox One series consoles.

The LS15X will run you $99, and can be picked up from LucidSound as well as through retail partners like Amazon. Right now though, it appears that only LucidSound's own website has the LS15P and LS15X for sale. Amazon however does have other LucidSound options for console and PC.

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