LG's First Rollable Phone Is Set To Arrive In March 2021

lg rollable phone explorer project

Well, if the latest report by The Elec is to be believed, LG will launch its first rollable phone in March 2021. This is the same phone that was teased during the LG Wing launch event last month.

LG has been grabbing eyeballs lately this year. Thanks to the swivel phone, the LG Wing. The phone is practical in certain scenarios and brings innovation to smartphones.

While we are having foldable, clamshell design phones from the likes of Samsung, Motorola, Huawei, here is LG with its T-shaped phone. The LG Wing does not pack flagship specs, though.


The phone is powered by the Snapdragon 765G however. So, that means it’s still 5G capable. There is a secondary squarish display as well. LG has explained several scenarios where you can take advantage of the swivel screen. You can have your game’s map and other in-game information on the square screen and uninterrupted gameplay on the horizontal screen.

You can rotate it to have maps running on one screen while your music controls on the other. Moreover, you can watch your favorite YouTube video on the top horizontal screen with its controls at the bottom.

Whatever the case may be, though the LG Wing does not pack all the latest and greatest specs, the main idea is to explore new opportunities in the smartphone market.


This is why the company has built the LG Wing under its ambitious Explorer Project. And it will soon release another innovative smartphone, i.e. the LG rollable phone next year in March 2021 under the same project.

The LG rollable phone is apparently codenamed “Project B”

The LG rollable phone is apparently codenamed “Project B.” And unlike the LG Wing, LG will bring a foldable display that can be rolled over around the side and back of the phone.

The idea is the same just like the foldable phones and i.e. to have a large screen whenever you want. But there is something more than LG is planning.


Reportedly, LG will also be releasing its next flagship, in the first quarter of 2021. Notably, the phone has been codenamed “Rainbow.” Moreover, the “Rainbow” will probably come with flagship-level specs.

It will pack the upcoming Snapdragon 875 processor that will be announced on December 1, 2020. In fact, there is some more news that The Elec has reported.

As for the LG Velvet successor, the device is set to be made by ODMs (Original Design Manufacturer). Additionally, the company is planning to outsource the production of its LG Q92 and LG Stylo phones to ODMs next year.


And if you are wondering who LG’s ODMs are, some of them include Wingtech, Huaqin, and Longcheer. So, it will be interesting to see some developments on that front.