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LG Wing Hands On AM AH 2 2

LG took the wraps off one of its innovative products, the LG Wing, last month. The device had all sorts of nitty-gritty to catch the attention of tech enthusiasts across the globe.

With its swivel design, LG showed the world that there is always a different way to get those two displays at work. Besides, the hinge-mechanism of the swivel design on LG Wing is pretty sturdy.

Moreover, the company was also able to showcase the actual case scenario of using the swivel mode. Basically, you can watch a YouTube video on the horizontal screen when swiveled-open and have the controls at the bottom.


You can play supported games to have maps and other in-game details at the bottom of the screen and play an uninterrupted game on the horizontal screen and that to upside down.

LG implemented a gimbal mode for the camera app, which literally gets you gimbal motion of your LG Wing phone. You can pan, move left-right, and brings real gimbal-like controls.

Though this is achieved via software and not of any hardware, it is cool to have on a phone. For complete coverage of our hands-on review of the LG Wing, you can head over here.

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And now, if you wish to grab those awesome wallpapers that were displayed on the LG Wing while showcasing the device, you are in luck. Because all the wallpapers are now available to download in FHD+ resolution.

Horizontal and swivel mode LG Wing wallpapers are available

Good thing is that you can grab yourself all the horizontal as well as the swivel mode wallpapers from the LG Wing smartphone.

Notably, there are six wallpapers dedicated for swivel mode, seven portrait wallpapers including twenty-three wallpapers.


These LG Wing wallpapers are available in full resolution, i.e. 1080 X 2460 and 2460 X 2460 pixels resolution, depending on the aspect ratio of the wallpapers.

Keep in mind that the 1:1 ratio wallpapers are for the square-shaped second screen on the LG Wing. But you are free to use these wallpapers as the way you like.

These wallpapers are full of abstract feel and are full of different colors. Here is a preview of all the wallpapers that you are available for download.


If you are also intrigued and want to download these high-quality wallpapers for your device, then you can grab them by clicking the download button below.

The zip file contains all the 35 wallpapers, including the horizontal and swivel mode wallpaper. Once you have downloaded the zip file, extract it, and use the wallpaper.

Download LG Wing stock wallpapers