Lenovo's Cute Little Smart Clock Essential Is Now Available

lenovo smart clock essential

The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential was announced a few months ago, and now it is available to purchase for $49.99.

This is a smaller version of its popular Smart Clock it announced last year, which makes it great to put in your room next to your bed.

As you can likely tell by the name, the Smart Clock Essential is not a full-blown smart display. Instead, Lenovo paired it down to, well the essentials. It does not sport a color display, instead it is black and white only. Unlike the 2019 Smart Clock Lenovo released.


While the screen is just black and white this time around, it does still offer many of the smart display features you’d expect. Including the Google Assistant. So you can still ask the Google Assistant questions, and find out what’s on your schedule today, and so forth. It also is a smart speaker still, so you can play music on the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential. Or, if you’re looking to have it on your bedside table, use it to play white noise and make you fall asleep.

It’s kind of like a Nest Mini, but with a display that can show you the time, and it’s the same price too. We’ll undoubtedly see it discounted for Black Friday next month.

Where can I buy the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential?

The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential is available from Lenovo, Walmart and Best Buy today.


As mentioned, it is priced at $49.99, putting it on par with the Nest Mini, and making it the cheapest smart display around – even if it is also the smallest.

It’s available in just one color, which has a black front – to make the screen melt into the bezel. And it has a soft gray fabric wrapped around it. Similar to the original Lenovo Smart Clock.

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