Lenovo Smart Clock Essential Available From Best Buy For $50

lenovo smart clock essential

Well, for those who are looking for a compact smart clock, the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential released this year is now available on Best Buy for $50.

Notably, Lenovo ventured into the smart clock business with its Lenovo Smart Clock last year. However, the price tag of $80 made it a tough sell.

The idea was perfect and the last year's Lenovo Smart Clock was aimed at replacing your clock. But this year the company learned from its mistake and brought in a much compact form factor and reduced price.


The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential is equipped with Google Assistant which makes it more versatile. We all are surrounded by Google products, if not, then at least the phone that we are using is powered by Android.

Apparently, this makes the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential a good alternative to traditional clocks. The front of the device has a four-inch LED display.

It shows the large clock face, making time, weather, and other information easily readable. Just to clear things out, the 4-inch LED display is just to show the clock and other info and not to consume Netflix.

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Another advantage of Lenovo Smart Clock Essential over its last year sibling is the presence of nightlight function. Apart from this, the rest of the design is the same as the last year's Lenovo Smart Clock.

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential is wrapped in fabric and has a mute switch on top

Just like most of the smart speakers or clocks, the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential is covered in fabric. It has a dedicated mute switch on top and a USB port on the back.

As already mentioned the integration of Google Assistant is one plus in this smart clock. Because you can make use of voice commands to set alarms, know about the weather, play music/podcasts, etc.


You can do almost anything you can do on a smart speaker. Just you cannot consume video content on this Lenovo Smart Clock, which is fair considering the $50 price tag ($49.99 to be exact).

The description of the product on Best Buy reveals that you can control over 40,000 compatible smart devices from over 5,000 brands.

Note that the last year's Lenovo Smart Clock is still available for the same price tag. So, it is a matter of personal preference which one you would like to pick.


For those who wish to go ahead and buy the latest device, then you can head over to Best Buy and grab this Lenovo Smart Clock Essential for $49.99. Surprisingly, the official Lenovo website still lists the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential as 'coming soon.'