Install Google Apps On Huawei & Honor Devices Using Googlefier

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It is well known that Huawei and Honor devices, though pretty solid in their specs department, lack one major thing. And that is the absence of Google Services. Googlefier is an app that aims to solve this problem.

Just to give you a refresher, Huawei is facing major issues with the US government. And that has led to the ban of using Google services on their smartphones.

Meaning, neither Huawei nor Honor can use any of the Google apps. Their phones do not come with any of the Google apps preinstalled. Because they don’t come with the Google Services Core.


Instead they come with a Huawei Services Core. Though Huawei has been pitching that it’s developing its App Store with first-party apps, in reality it’s still way too far behind.

Especially, if you’re accustomed to the ease of installing and using Google apps from the Play Store. In this case you probably won’t like the Huawei territory one bit. There are ways that you can install Google apps on your Huawei devices, but it’s not official.

This is where an application like Googlefier comes in. It’s sole purpose for development is to open up the capability for users to install Google apps on their Huawei or Honor smartphones, like the Huawei Mate 40.


Googlefier allows you to easily install Google apps on any Huawei device

To curb the issues of not being able to install Google apps directly from the Play Store, a new app called  Googlefier, spotted by XDA does the job. Googlefier is an unofficial GMS installer which is developed by XDA Senior Member bender_007.

The installer has easy to follow instructions for installing the GMS as well the Google Apps on your Huawei or Honor phones. You don’t even need to connect your device to your PC to use Googlefier.

In order to use the app, you simply need to download the APK file from the button below and install it on your device. Once the installation is complete, grant all the required permissions and follow the steps mentioned to get GMS on your phone.


During installation, Googlefier will replace the existing backup app and restore LZPlay. LZPlay is the name of the GMS installation app/method which surfaced after the launch of the Mate 30 series.

Googlefier will install basic services on your Huawei phone and the whole process takes about 5 minutes. Then you will be able to install the Google Play Store and all your favorite Google apps like Maps, etc. on your Huawei or Honor phone.

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