Instagram Expands Badges And Adverts On IGTV

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Instagram has made it easier for popular users to make money by expanding adverts and badges. As reported by Engadget, this will occur on IGTV, hopefully helping those using Instagram as a business.

Instagram has been testing a number of new features for a while making this into a busy few months for the social media platform. Back in September, Instagram introduced reels, effectively ripping off the then soon to be banned TikTok.

Prior to this, the platform began introducing a new layout with dedicated shopping tabs. From this, we could infer that the company was willing to offer more to those looking to make money out of the platform.


As a result, we should not be so surprised by this move from Instagram. Although, many will disagree with the power of popular influencers. They can be a useful tool for Instagram if used right.

Instagram makes it easier for popular users to make money

Currently, Instagram allows around 50,000 users to sell badges during live streams which were first introduced in May. This is generally seen as a way for fans to make themselves more visible during a stream.

By buying a badge you become more easily seen and influencers may opt to give you a shout out. In an attempt to plug the badges system, Instagram has said they will match whatever an influencer makes from them during a stream, up to $5,000 per account.


On top of this, Instagram has begun testing its ability to run adverts on IGTV videos as well as this badges system as it looks at more ways of monetization. This should allow creators to earn a share of the ad revenue generated from longer videos.

However, this feature is still heavily limited to a couple of hundred U.S. based accounts for now. Overall, we can see this as a push from Instagram to try and back its most popular users so they can make more money.

Generally, influencers have relied on brand deals to make money of the platform. However, this opens up a whole new set of possibilities for creators.


The only catch may be the fact that Instagram has said they want to look for a revenue-sharing agreement when it comes to badges. Up until now, creators can keep all the revenue generated from badges as Instagram looks to push the system. However, that may end soon as Instagram looks to cash in from these ideas.