Hulu With Live TV Is Also Losing Fox Regional Sports Networks

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Similar to YouTube TV just a couple months ago, Hulu with Live TV is also going to be losing out on Fox Regional Sports Networks (and a few other sports networks).

Hulu was unable to come to terms with Sinclair on an agreement to carry its networks.

In a statement today, Hulu noted "we were unable to reach an agreement with Sinclair Broadcast Group to continue offering channels like your Fox Sports RSNs, YES Network and Marquee Network."


That means that all 21 Fox RSNs are going to disappear from Hulu with Live TV tomorrow. Including the YES Network which is home to the New York Yankees and Brooklyn Nets, and the Marquee Network which is home to the Chicago Cubs.

Sinclair picked up these RSNs from Disney, when it bought Fox earlier this year. And since then, Fox networks have been leaving streaming services, as Sinclair is unable to get streaming services to pay what they want.

YouTube TV and Hulu with Live TV now have less sports

Considering the fact that this is happening with more than just YouTube TV now, it's quite clear that it's Sinclair that is being unfair with licensing of these channels.

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Currently, there are no streaming live TV services that have all of Sinclair's Fox Sports networks. Which is really terrible. Since a lot of the smaller market teams don't get primetime coverage from TNT, ESPN and others, Fox RSNs were the only way to watch all of the games.

FuboTV, and Sling TV dropped Fox RSNs in the past year as well. All because it could not come to an agreement with Sinclair.

Interestingly enough, Sinclair grabbed these Fox RSNs from Disney when it was looking to close its merger with Fox. It also took a stake in the YES Network as part of another deal with Disney. Meanwhile Disney has full control of Hulu. So it appears that Disney isn't getting preferential treatment from Sinclair in terms of licensing.