Guest Mode & New Security Features Announced For Google Assistant

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Yesterday, Google in an official blog, announced that it will be adding some new security features along with a guest mode for the Google Assistant.

Notably, the Google Assistant is one handy tool that gets your job done using just your voice. You can perform multiple tasks like calling someone, send a message, or open an app or ask for any advanced commands.

Basically, it is the only voice assistant that is at least a competitor to Apple’s Siri. And now, with the addition of the new security features along with Google Assistant guest mode, the security has upped a notch.


Users will be able to activate the Guest Mode using simple voice commands. Moreover, when the Google Assistant guest mode is activated, there is a perk attached to it.

And i.e. whatever commands you give to the assistant will not be saved in the history. In this way, your commands will not be saved, hence enhancing the security.

This feature can come handy for users who do not want Google to know what commands they have used. Or in scenarios where your friends are asking your smart speaker, several times, to change songs.


The new Google Assistant guest mode will keep your commands history nice and clean. Neither anyone using the device will know your commands and nor the company.

Google Assistant guest mode can be disabled using voice commands

Just like the way you have enabled Google Assistant guest mode, you can also disable it. Meaning that you can use your voice commands to disable the guest mode on your smartphone.

However, note that in the official blog, Google has clarified that the search results while using guest mode will not be personalized.


Another added perk is that Google will itself remind you to delete the last command which you have told the Assistant. You can do that just by saying “Hey Google, that wasn’t for you”, or “Hey Google, delete everything I said to you last week.”

Apparently, this new Google Assistant guest mode will be hitting the Android devices soon in the coming weeks. So, keep checking the play store for an update. The guest mode feature will roll out in the coming weeks.

Google is also adding critical security alerts within Google Apps

Along with the new guest mode, Google will be adding new critical security alert features for your Google Account within all its Google Apps.


The critical alert notification now gets revamped. And it will be much bigger and visible whenever Google detects any serious or suspicious account security issue.

The alert will be shown on the app on which the issue has been detected. And steps will also be displayed via which you can address that particular security issue.

In this way, users won’t be needing to shuffle across their emails or phone alerts to know that there are any security issues with your Google account. The limited rollout will begin in the coming weeks.


And to avoid any confusion or spoofing, the new security alerts will be resistant to spoofing. This would enable the user to understand that the alerts are coming from Google itself.

The Google Safety Centre is also given an overhaul. Here you will be able to see all your security-related information associated with your account in one place. It is rolling out in the US, while the global rollout is expected in the coming weeks.

google guest mode
google guest mode