Google's Redesigned UI For The Nest Hub Max Includes Dark Mode

Google Nest Hub Max Dark Mode

Google is rumored to be working on a completely redesigned UI for its smart displays. A new video posted on YouTube by Jan Boromeusz gives us a complete overview of this new user interface. This new UI on the Nest Hub Max brings several new features along with the dark mode.

It is still under testing and is currently available to very few users. As per the source, this new UI is available on the Nest Hub Max with the software version v32.24.0. A wider rollout with this tabbed interface is also expected to happen in the coming months for all smart displays from Google.

Google bringing dark mode to the Nest Hub Max

The redesigned user interface includes several tabs dedicated to Home control, Media, Communications, Discover, and more. Each of the tabs is filled with large cards for taking action with a simple tap. These cards are personalized based on the time and user's interests.


For example, there will be a card to play relaxing sounds during bedtime. For the dark mode, the user can find the option in the display settings. Since it is a Google Assistant-enabled device, users can also switch the themes using voice commands. In the video, there is a suggestion with the text "Turn on dark theme" in the "discover" tab.

Stick Notes feature is also part of this revamped UI

When tapped on it, there are a total of three options — Light, Dark, and Auto. For the dark mode on smart displays, Google is using a dark gray background for the UI and a slightly lighter shade for the cards. Speaking of the auto mode, it will automatically match the environment based on sunrise/sunset or ambient lighting.

The smart displays will now support long press for dismissing the cards. Google is also introducing another long-awaited feature with this revamped UI. The sticky notes, announced in January this year, can also be spotted in another video posted by the same tipster.

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Unlike the cards, these sticky notes will appear on the home screen of the UI. The sticky note can be created using a single command. It will be super useful for reminding anything to other family members.

Google is yet to provide any ETA for the public rollout of this new user interface. It is mysteriously showing up on random smart displays. The official rollout should be happening in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, there is no way to manually enable this new UI.