Google TV App Is Available, But It's More Or Less Useless At The Moment

google tv app

Google’s online event saw the arrival of a lot of new products. And along with the new Chromecast, Google also introduced the new Google TV.

Google TV is an app that just landed on the Play Store. This new app that powers the new Chromecast is now available for users on the Play Store.

However, the app, at present, does not do anything or add anything new for the users who are willing to download the app from Play Store on their Android TV.


But this move by Google to place Google TV on the Play Store is to provide new updates more quickly and easily. The new Google TV app is live on the Play Store with version 1.0.331643392.

Interestingly, it carries the same app icon or logo as the Android TV application. Moreover, the app is already downloaded over 5,000 times.

Another advantage of placing the Google TV app on the Play Store is that users will be able to get the latest updates for the app without waiting for a major system update.


Though there are many similarities between Android TV and Google TV app, the latter has different functionalities altogether.

Google TV app basically focuses heavily on content recommendations

One of the main differences between Android TV and Google TV is that the latter heavily focuses on content recommendations. These recommendations are from different sources.

This negates the need to rely heavily on each of the dedicated apps. You will be able to see all the recommendations on the home screen so that you spend more time watching content than surfing for it.


Good thing is that this new feature is not slapped onto the users permanently. You can disable this option from the settings menu if you prefer the old home screen.

And if all the said things have gotten you excited, then we have a bit of sad news for you. Because sideloading this Google TV app on your Android TV or Android TV box for that matter, does not do anything.

Basically, it does not add new features or do anything new for the Android TV. In fact, you can install the app but there is no option to launch the new home screen.


So, for now, it is just a new app that does nothing for the Android TV users. Good thing is that Google TV will not be exclusive to Google. Google plans to make Google TV available to other manufacturers that want it as an option.

This means that though the app does not do anything, for now, you should expect Google to bring new features and enhancements to this app.