Google Planning To Shut Down 'Trusted Contacts' App Soon

google trusted contacts app
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Well, it seems like Google is on a run to shut down most of its older apps. Because, as per a new report, Google Trusted Contacts app will soon close its doors and shut down.

The Google Trusted Contacts app was launched back in 2016. It is an app via which users can easily share their location information with anyone they want to.

The app also gained several new features via updates over the years. However, Google will now shut down the app and users will lose access to the Trusted Contacts.


Although users would be able to use the app but not for too long. Specifically, the Google Trusted Contacts app will continue to work for existing users until 1, December 2020.

After the deadline, the app will stop working entirely and will stop supporting it. The bad news is that no new user will be able to use the app, as it now officially removed from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

So, if you wish to download your list of trusted contacts, you have till December 1, 2020, to download it. Users can head over to the official website and make it happen.


Google Trusted Contacts apps was a nifty app for emergency situations

Now we are using ‘was’ because the app will die down soon. Trusted Contacts apps was a nice app for sharing location info, in case of emergency situations.

Besides, users can also see the person’s status, including important information i.e. whether their phone’s battery is low or dead. This is a pretty good app for parents who want to keep a safety check on their children.

As an alternative, Google is projecting the Google Maps app. Basically, those who wish to continue using this location-based service, they can opt for Google Maps, which also includes real-time location sharing.


Moreover, there is an option to stop sharing the location at any time. If you wish to use Google Trusted Contacts like location-sharing on Google Maps, then head to your profile.

Then select Location Sharing and tap New Share. Then choose the person in your Google Contacts with whom you wish to share the location.

So, there is this decision of shutting down the Trusted Contacts app, and also, it has projected Google Maps as an alternative. This means that Google can kill any app, they find un-useful.


For those who don’t know what they will be missing, can still get the Google Trusted Contacts APK file from trusted third-party sources like APK Mirror. Note that the app will stop working from December 2020.