Google Testing Background Suspension Feature In Android 11

android 11 background suspension feature

Google released Android 11 recently, and it has already made its way to some phones. Now, Google is testing out a new background suspension feature in Android 11.

Moreover, this feature would considerably help in improving the battery life of the device. Smartphones these days come with quite a bit of RAM. With some phones going up to 16GB.

This number was almost unthinkable around 5 to 6 years ago on an Android smartphone. But the increased RAM number helps you to multitask pretty smoothly on your phone.


However, not all smartphones come with this much RAM. So more recent major Android OS releases worked to minimize the resources for performing multitasking operations.

And to fix this, Google is testing out the background suspension feature in Android 11. This will eventually help you to improve battery life.

Basically, this feature allows users to freeze the apps when they are cached. This prevents the apps to be run in the background, improving the battery life of the device.


As frozen apps won’t use the CPU cycles, thus the battery will have more room to breathe life into the Android smartphone. This feature was spotted by a user on Reddit.

Android 11 background suspension feature was first spotted on Android 11 Beta 2 update

As noted, this background suspension feature first came to notice in the Android 11 Beta 2 update. Apparently, the source code revealed that frozen apps would reduce the usage of CPU cycles.

In fact, as per the Reddit user, this Android 11 background suspension feature is set at device default. Users can disable this feature and get improved multi-tasking performance.


Furthermore, XDA Editor-in-Chief, Mishaal Rehman also confirmed the availability of this feature on the Google Pixel 4 running on Android 11.

This background suspension feature is buried under the Developer Options settings. And as already mentioned, the feature is set to device default.

All in all, the cached apps will be prevented from executing in the background. But do note that it will take longer for the apps to re-open and the background suspension feature would kill the app as soon as you leave it.


Depending on your convenience, you can enable or disable this feature. You can either go for improved battery life or improved multi-tasking performance on your Android smartphone.

But do note that you need to run Android 11 on your smartphone. Those who have sufficient RAM on their devices, like the premium segment phones, need not worry about multitasking or killing apps in the background.