Google Officially Shuts Down Play Music Store Globally

Google Play Music AH NS 06

Well, it has been long back reported that Google is parting ways with Google Play Music. And latest reports confirm that Google has completed the worldwide shutdown of Google Play Music Store.

Google is well ahead in switching and transferring the users of the Google Play Music over to YouTube Music. Yes, YouTube Music is the app that is being projected as an alternative to the soon-to-die Google Play Music.

Besides, it was reported back in August itself, that Google Play Music will completely shut down by the end of this year. The US was set to lose access to it by the end of October.


However, good news for the fans is that the Google Play Music data will be intact until December 2020. Notably, Play Music users who have a subscription that goes beyond September will get them converted to Play Store credits.

Moreover, Google also provided a tool for Play Music users to transition over to YouTube Music. But new reports confirm that Google has already killed the Google Play Music Store.

In fact, we have recently reported that the Google Play Music Manager on Windows has already died for many users in the US.


Google Play Music Store allowed users to buy songs and listen to them

And now, the service that allowed users to buy any song and listen to them in Google Play Music is permanently shut down by Google.

According to 9To5Google, the ‘Browse music’ option also no longer appears in the app. Additionally, the web version of the Music store shows a “Music store on Google Play is no longer available” shutdown message.

The shutdown was gradually planned from August. And over the course of time, we have seen several users losing access to services of Google Play Music.


We speculate that Google is going all-in with online streaming and would be ditching the music download market entirely. Apparently, the Google Play Music app will also go away by the end of this year.

So, it is high time that you shift over to YouTube Music and make adjustments accordingly. Well, not all is wrong with YouTube music.

Good thing is that Google has pushed over several new features and enhancements for the app to make it on par with Play Music.


And time would be the great healer in this situation. The early you start spending your time on the YouTube Music app, the more familiar you will get with the new music streaming application.