Google And Samsonite Made A Backpack That Controls Your Phone

Google Samsonite Backpack

Google has teamed up with Samsonite to make a smart backpack, called the Konnect-I, that controls your phone. Or at least part of your phone.

Even more specifically, it controls various functions on your phone that you would normally touch the screen or use your voice to interact with. This backpack of course implements the use of Google’s Jacquard technology.

Google first utilized this tech in a commercial product that consumers could actually buy with Levi’s. The two companies made a jean jacket with Jacquard tech woven into the fabric on the sleeve of the jacket.


You could run your finger across the fabric to interact with various functions on your phone. Like skipping audio tracks or moving backward and forward in voice-guided navigation and directions. Google later made a second jacket with Levi’s followed by a backpack with luxury brand Saint Laurent, and then insoles with Adidas.

The backpack that Google & Samsonite made comes in two variations

People may not be leaving the house as often these days, but you may still have need for a backpack.

If you do and you want one that’s as smart as you are, Google and Samsonite have you covered with two options. A Slim model and a Standard model. There are a few key differences in between the two.


Most notably the price. The Slim model costs $199 whereas the Standard model costs $219. That being said the price difference isn’t a vast chasm created by the extra dollars you’ll spend on the more expensive of the two.

The Standard is literally less than $20 more than the Slim. For that extra cash you’ll get a few more features. And it obviously won’t be as slim as the Slim model and it should have more space for holding stuff. Hence why Google even made a Slim model in the first place.

All the Jacquard tech is in the left strap, but there’s tons more features

To keep things simple and easy to get to, all the Jacquard tech is woven into the left shoulder strap of the bag.


Simply rub your hand over it in any number of configurations to initiate a specific action. In addition to the Jacquard tech each bag has multiple features. Like water repellent outer fabric, easy access zippers for front stash pockets (two vertical zippers on the Slim model and one horizontal zipper on the Standard model), and more.

There’s multiple storage pockets on the inside, including one for your laptop that fits most laptops up to 15.6-inches, and side pockets for water bottles and the like. Both models of the backpack are available for sale as of today from Samsonite directly.