Google Play Music Stops Working On Assistant Speakers In Shutdown

Google Play Music AH NS 05

As part of the step by step shutdown of Google Play Music, it will no longer work on Assistant Speakers. As reported by Android Police this means the full shutdown of Google Play Music is drawing ever closer.

The migration from and eventual shutdown of Google Play Music has been a long and arduous process. It began way back in May but faced a number of significant problems.

First, there were a number of delays to the process which saw many frustrated users. Then the YouTube Music sidebar broke for many users causing even more anger.

This has led YouTube Music to add a number of features to try and sweeten the views of its user base. However, the shutdown of Google Play Music will mark the end of an era. The end of Assistant speakers working with the platform is a significant step in that direction.

Assistant speakers no longer work with Google Play Music

This move means that speakers such as the Google Nest Mini and Audio no longer work with Google Play Music. They have long been compatible with the app and other streaming platforms with voice commands.

As the accompanying screenshot shows Google Play Music is no longer available as an option when trying to set a default music service. In addition, if you had this as a selection prior to now it is no longer respected and defaults to YouTube Music.

Even more annoying for some is the fact that if you have not moved your playlists and music from Google Play Music they will no longer be available on Google Assistant speakers.

It appears that this change is rolling out relatively slowly. This may mean you haven't yet received the change. However, it's quite likely that this is not a test as Google has committed to a full shutdown. Which this change is a permanent one.

Google hasn't set an exact date for when most regions will lose access. It has however confirmed that it will happen at some point in October. So complete disassembly of the service's functionality is going to be just around the corner.

However, now migration over to YouTube Music is all but complete. And now that Google has begun to take some steps to shut Google Play Music down it can't be far away. If you're still needing to port any music over, that is if you want to in the first place, now is the time to do so.