Google Play Music Has Officially Started Shutting Down

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After months of development, Google is finally pulling the plug on its music streaming app, as Google has now started shutting down the Google Play Music.

Google gave an ample amount of time to the Google Play Music users to shift over to YouTube Music. Yes, Google is projecting YouTube Music as an alternative to Google Play Music.

It is a wise move actually, as both the apps apparently did the same job. So, there was technically no need for two apps for providing the same services.


Moreover, the announcement of shutting down Google Play Music in October was announced way back. In fact, the company will completely shut down Google Play Music by the end of this year.

The GPM data would be available for the users until December 2020. However, Play Music users who have a subscription that goes beyond September will get them converted to Play Store credits.

A while back, Google Play Music was shut down for several Windows users in the US. And now, a new report by Android Police confirms that the same has progressed over to the Android app as well.

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Opening the Play Music app splashes a message stating the service is no longer available

According to the source, when you open the Google Play Music app, it splashes a screen showing a message the GPM service is no longer available.

Besides, it further asks you to transfer your Google Play Music library, including playlists and uploads, over to YouTube Music. The page also shows the 'Transfer To YouTube Music' button, which we think would do what it says.

There is also a second button titled, 'Manage Your Data'. Notably, this is the same as the Windows client also shows you the same transfer to YouTube Music and manage your data options.


Furthermore, manually changing the date would not revert the final blow. So don't waste your time on that process. Though there is a workaround for those who still wish to use Google Play Music.

You will still be able to use Google Play Music by uninstalling all the app updates. And reverting back to the old version of Play Music. But make sure to disable automatic updates in the Play Store.

Sadly, there is no way to play downloaded music for offline listening. The data will still take up unnecessary space on your phone. So, either you have to uninstall the app or clear the storage of the app by heading over to App Info>>Storage>>Clear Data.


To avoid all this hassle, it is better to shift over to YouTube Music, if you care about streaming only using Google apps. On the other hand, if you do not care, then there are plenty of apps that would do the same job.

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