A Bunch Of Google Pixel 5 Questions Answered In New Video

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A YouTuber has just answered a bunch of Google Pixel 5 questions that users asked since the launch. Those questions got answered in a new video by totallydubbedHD, a UK-based YouTube channel.

Now, the thing is, it seems like Vodafone shipped the Pixel 5 unit to some people in the UK, without an embargo attached to it. So, those people are free to create content for the device, unlike everyone else.

Those people got the privilege to use the Pixel 5 since the launch, or before the launch, event. The aforementioned YouTube channel already shared a hands-on video with the device, and now this new video answers some questions users asked.


A bunch of user-asked Google Pixel 5 questions get answered in the provided video

In the video, the person behind this channel also answers how he got his hands on the device, which is basically what I just explained. In any case, he also says that the Pixel 5 is quite light, and explains how the phone feels in the hand.

He also touches upon wireless charging, talks about the phone’s speakers, and about the display brightness. You’ll also be able to get some information about the phone’s feel and responsiveness in day-to-day usage, battery life, camera app, and so on.

This video has a duration of about 17 minutes, and the YouTuber did a really good job answering some of these questions. If you’re planning to get the Pixel 5, watching this video may not be a bad idea.


The Google Pixel 5, as most of you already know, launched last week. The phone arrived alongside the Pixel 4a 5G. The Pixel 5 is the most powerful phone Google released this year.

The Snapdragon 765G is an excellent performer

Now, the device is not fueled by a flagship processor. The Pixel 5 includes the Snapdragon 765G SoC. That may worry some of you, but initial reports say there’s nothing to worry about.

That chip also fuels the OnePlus Nord, and that phone proved to be a great performer as well. The Snapdragon 765G is quite a powerful chip, and chances are not many people will have complaints about it.


The device does come with a 6-inch fullHD+ 90Hz display, which is flat, by the way. The phone’s bezels are almost non-existent, while a fingerprint scanner is included on the back.

The Pixel 5 is actually quite a compact phone, at least compared to various other devices on the market these days. The phone does include a display camera hole, and it is made out of metal and plastic.

In the video provided below, you’ll get a better look at the phone as well. If you’d like to get more info about the phone’s specs, click here.