Get A Same-Day Repair If You Break Your Shiny New Google Pixel 5

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God forbid you have to repair your Pixel 5 so shortly after you probably received it from Google. But in the event that you have to, however long it's been since you got one, you can get a same-day repair done.

Today Google and uBreakiFix have confirmed that same-day repairs of the newest device in the Pixel lineup are possible. Which means you have the capability to get in and get out with a freshly fixed phone.

Earlier this year, Google confirmed that the same thing was possible with the Pixel 4a. Now all it needs to do is offer same-day repairs for the Pixel 4a 5G and all of its latest phones will have the same treatment.


A same-day Pixel 5 repair can be done at all uBreakiFix locations

uBreakiFix is by no means a small operation. It's certainly not as large and widespread as some retailers, but it definitely has a large retail presence in the US.

Currently it has over 550 stores within the country. And you can get your Pixel 5 repaired the same day you set up an appointment at any one of them. The only thing you might run into is a little bit of a wait.

Sometimes there's a large queue of people who need repairs done in a day. And this is bound to push out the wait times for some customers. Of course there are many variables here to consider.

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How many repairs are being done that day, what those repairs are, and how many staff are on hand all play into what you can expect on timing. And it's important to temper your expectations. Because you may not always get your repaired device back within a short time. Even if the fix is a simple one that doesn't take long to complete.

That being said, repairs can still be done same-day if time allows.

Some locations will even come to you

If it isn't enough that uBreakiFix can repair your device the same day, in some cases the company will even come to you.


Now, this isn't offered at all locations. Only some of them are participating in this service. You will however want to double check with the locations nearest to you. As you may be able to take advantage of it.

That's an especially important service to be offered considering the state of the nation right now. And if you just don't want to leave the comfort of your own home, you may not have to.

Whether you prefer to go to a store or you'd want them to come to you, you can check the uBreakiFix store locator to find the closest one if you aren't sure where they are.