Save Cash With Google Fi Phone Subscription Program For Pixel 4a

google fi phone program

If you are planning to get the Google Pixel 4a, then you should consider the new Google Fi Phone Subscription program that could save you your hard-earned cash.

With the new Google Fi phone subscription program, which is exclusively for the Pixel 4a, you can grab the phone at just $9 per month over 24 months.

Talking into consideration the monthly numbers, you will get the brand new Google Pixel 4a that costs at $349, for just $216. However, for that almost $100 savings, you need to pay all 24 payments.


On top of this, you could also go the extra mile to safeguard your phone by purchasing the monthly device protection plan. This would cost you $6. Meaning that your monthly subscription cost would be $15.

To give you a brief and let you decide whether the device protection plan is worth it or not, it basically covers two incidents of accidental damage. Moreover, only one loss or theft claims in a year.

An important point to note is that the loss and theft replacement isn’t available to New York state residents. But good thing is that you would get the Google Pixel 4a with the device protection plan at $15 a month.

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And that totals up to $360 for the Pixel 4A over the course of the subscription. Which is just $11 more than the cost of only the Pixel 4a. For the latter scenario, you won't get a device protection plan.

Google Fi phone subscription plan is sadly, just for the Pixel 4a

Note that in the $15/month plan, you will get the Google Pixel 4a, a device protection plan, and a phone upgrade after two years. Notably, the cellular plan, i.e. Google Fi Flexible or Unlimited is not included in the package.

The upgraded device would be a new Pixel phone and users will continue to save every month with their new phone as well. However, those who do not wish to upgrade to a 'new Pixel' then can opt-out of that option.


Besides, if you were thinking that you could save more than $100 by paying the remaining balance in pre-pay, that is not an option. If you choose to do that, you will lose your discounts on the phone as per Google’s terms for the subscription.

And right now, this Google Fi subscription plan is just for the Google Pixel 4a. So sad news for those who were thinking to purchase Google Pixel 5.

The Fi program will cost you $360 as compared to $469 if you consider purchasing a $349 Pixel 4a phone and protection plan, that would cost you $6/month, separately.


If you are interested in this new Google Fi phone subscription plan for Google Pixel 4a, then you can head over to the official Google Fi webpage by clicking here.

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