New Google Photos Image Editor Is Now Rolling Out Widely

Google Photos AH NS 02

Back in August, we reported that Google is working on a machine-learning powered photo editor for the Google Photos app. And now it seems like the Google Photos editor is rolling out widely.

Thanks to Reverse Engineer Jane Manchun Wong, we got out an early glimpse at this new Google Photo Editor. The leak showed new editing options that Google was working on.

Moreover, the company promised that this new Google Photo Editor will be pushed for all the users soon. And a recent report by Android Police confirms the arrival of this new feature for many.


There are tons of changes, giving this Photo editor a total revamp. The carousel now shows all the options with icons and labels. However, you can still access features like the cropping tool, filters, and adjustments.

The quick access to all these adjustments is done in order to provide an easier way of editing images in Google Photos. Besides, instead of the vertical list of options for features like exposure, contrast, white balance, etc., there is a horizontal scrolling list.

This horizontal list comprises of all the granular adjustments that you can do with the help of the slider. The slider is pretty responsive and makes those tiny adjustments possible without a headache.


Good thing is that the back gestures will be disabled in this area. This will prevent the accidental exit from the Google Photo editor while editing.

Google Photos Editor has the document cropping tool inside the Crop section

If you have received the update and you are looking for the document cropping tool, then you should look inside the Crop section. Because now the former option is embedded inside the Crop section.

It is a good move, as previously it was hidden between the third-party extension at the bottom tab. As mentioned above, machine learning will play a good part in this new editor.


With the help of machine learning, the Google Photo Editor gives you photo-based recommendations. You will get recommended for tools like color pop, black and white portrait, and enhance feature.

Well, if you own a Pixel device then you have an extra goodie in the Google Photo Editor. Notably, the feature is called Portrait Light, which is a machine learning-based feature.

This gives you more lighting control over your portrait photos. besides, you can simply tweak the brightness and contrast of your face using this feature as well.


For those who are getting picky, this feature will also work with photos, not taken in portrait mode. So, your regular images will do just fine.

There is one thing though, this feature is only Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G exclusive. But the company has confirmed that it will soon push this feature for older Pixel phones soon.

The new photo editor is arriving as a server-side update

At the time of writing this post, many users have already received this update on their Google Photos app. Keep in mind that this is a server-side update.


Meaning that Google is pushing this redesigned Google Photos Editor from their side and not via a standalone update for the app. So, getting the latest app version won’t do anything.