Google Messages Could Get Gmail-Like 'Message Organization' Feature

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Well, the latest development could be a positive note for the Google Messages users. Because it is reported that the Google Messages app could soon get a ‘Message Organization’ feature (Gallery).

Although the arrival of WhatsApp, Telegram, and other instant messaging applications has changed the way we message, we still prefer SMS or RCS messaging to connect with anyone.

In fact, most of the people in the US rely on SMS messaging to convey important information. Moreover, all the account security details are also served to the users via SMS only.


So, SMS, although has lost its glory, it is still important for users. And to help make the message clutter vanish, Google Messages is preparing for a Message Organization feature.

Notably, with the help of this feature users will be able to clear out the mess that their message inbox has. Additionally, users will be able to group-specific messages as per their category.

This piece of information comes from 9to5Google’s APK insight post. Here the folks at 9to5Google decompile the latest version of the APK and get their detective eyes on the line of codes.


Two strings of codes were found on Google Messages Beta v6.8 showing this new feature

Google released a new beta version of the Google Messages beta. It carries version number 6.8. Our friends at 9To5Google dug in to see two underlying string of codes.

The main highlight of the update, as per the source, is the inclusion of a new feature called Google Message ‘Message Organization’. As already mentioned, it will enable the users to sort the messages in a handful of categories.

Besides, this will de-clutter the inbox and ultimately give the user a clean and organized Google Messages inbox. Here are the two-line of codes that show this new feature:


<string name=”super_sort_settings_title”>Message Organization</string>

<string name=”sort_messages_summary”>Automatically sort messages by Personal, Transactions, OTP, Offers and More</string>

Good thing is that our friends could get the Google Messages ‘Message Organization’ feature working. And this new feature automatically organizes your messages.


There are some default categories like Personal, Transactions, and OTPs. Interestingly, these categories are similar to Gmail’s ability to filter emails into different categories.

From the search bar, you can search for specific messages or filter your conversations as per your convenience. Or you can hit the All button to show all of your messages.

Message Organization can be enabled/disabled under the Settings menu

As seen in the APK insight, Google has also added a new section under the Settings menu of the Google Messages app. This would allow the users to enable/disable the Message Organization option.


On top of this, there is another option that allows the users to automatically delete OTP messages or security codes after 24 hours. Note that the features mentioned in the APK insight post may not make its way to the stable app.

These are some features which the company tests and if all turns out good, then only will be released for the masses. We will keep you posted once this new feature rolls out for Google Messages app.

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