Google Meet Android App Gets Revamped User Interface

google meet android app update

Google has been pressing the Google Meet app as its alternative to the Zoom app. And in the process of this, on Friday, Google announced a refreshed look and feel to the UI of the Google Meet Android app.

The updated UI brings an all-new look to the user interface of the app, and it brings some nifty quick shortcut buttons as well. This piece of information was shared by Google on its official blog.

Well, this is not the first time, Google is pushing new features for the Google Meet app. Just back in September, Google pushed a very important AI-powered noise-canceling feature for the app.

This was aimed to improve the video calling experience of the user by reducing the background noise. It makes use of Google AI to automatically filter out the background noise from your device's audio input.

This Google Meet feature was made available for all the users of the Android and iOS. And now another new feature and revamped design is making its way for Android users.

The new Google Meet Android update brings a quick launch summary and a new meeting button to the app. Moreover, the new meeting button gives access to up to three options.

These options are Get meeting joining info to share with others, Start a Meet call instantly, and Schedule a new meeting in Google Calendar.

Google Meet gets the new Blue color and ditches the swampy-green color

The color scheme of the Google Meet Android app is also changed. Notably, Google Meet is now getting re-colored with the Blue color instead of the swampy-green color which it was known for.

Google has been projecting this app as its alternative to the uber-popular Zoom app. And in order to stand toe to toe with Zoom, Google needs to timely update and bring new features to the app.

The new look and user interface of the Android app is the same as seen with the Gmail app. The video chat app allows the user to connect with anyone from anywhere in the world.

And due to the current pandemic situation, when everyone is stuck at home and are working from home. This is a good app for companies, educators, and friends and family to stay connected with each other.

Notably, this feature was first pushed for the Google Meet tab in Gmail, and then later for the iOS app. And now finally it is making its way for the Android users.

Note that the new update is available for all the users of Google Meet, including Workspace customers and anyone with a personal Google account. You can grab the latest update from the Google Play Store.