Google Maps Adds New Vehicle Icons With Latest Update For Android

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It is Google's way of bringing some quirky elements to its apps that elevate the user experience. Though it may not sound like much, in the latest Google Maps Android update, Google has added new vehicle icons.

Notably, Google Maps is the best and most used navigation map for any Android app. Over the years, the app has gained features that set this app apart.

And the latest update finally brings new vehicle icons for the Android users. There was not much hullabaloo around this new addition on Google Maps.

As a matter of fact, most of you might not even know that this feature was even supposed to come to the Google Maps app. As long as Google Maps is serving its purpose, such minor changes don't really grab the attention of general users.

However, after being added to iOS first, Google decided to add vehicle icons to Android. This is quite surprising that Android which is Google's own product receives certain features after iOS.

Whatever the reason may be, now users on Android can also change the vehicle icon when using navigation. This feature was available on iOS for quite a while.

Google Maps vehicle icon arrives with version 10.52.2 update for Android

For those who have been keeping track of this vehicle icon feature, the Google Maps app version 10.52.2 is the version for Android that you need to be on in order to get new vehicle icons.

You can choose between a red car, yellow SUV, and a green pick-up truck vehicle icon in place of the standard arrow mark which shows while navigating.

Notably, this feature was there in the beta builds of Google Maps Android. So, it is good to see that the stable app users are also getting this little feature for Google Maps.

In order to use or change the navigation icon, you need to first navigation on the Maps app. Then tap on the arrow icon and a small pop-up menu will show you all the 3 vehicle icons that you can choose from.

The iOS app also works in the same fashion. However, the icon will only appear when you start driving. When you start driving a 3D vehicle icon will turn, spin, and move in real-time.

Surprisingly, Google has not mentioned this new change in any of the official support blogs. Besides, the app on the Google Play Store also does not mention this change.

If you have not yet got this feature, then make sure to update the Google Maps app with version number 10.52.2 for Android. You can head over to the Google Play Store for updates.

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