Google Is Combining Old & New Assistant User Interfaces

google assistant new user interface

Google Assistant is one of the most mature voice assistants that you can get on almost every device. And a new report highlights that Google is unifying old and new Google Assistant UIs.

Notably, the Google Assistant is found on all important products ranging from smartphones to TVs to watches. Dedicated smart speakers are there that make use of this Google Assistant.

However, the Google Assistant has different variations in the UI, depending on which device you are using it. For instance, it would have a different UI and capabilities on one OEM's smartphone than on other OEM's smartphone.


Fortunately, Google has taken this matter into consideration. And is now combining its old and new Google Assistant user interfaces across all smartphones.

Meaning that, whichever OEM's smartphone you use, the Google Assistant will have an even and single UI. The new UI looks similar to the new design, which was spotted testing earlier this year.

The new Google Assistant UI has the company's famous RGBY (red, green, blue, yellow) multi-colored light bar animation running on the bottom.

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Besides, there are bubbles for quick access to Google Lens and other suggested actions. Good thing is that this new Assistant UI is now rolling out for new devices and older devices that do not have this new Assistant UI.

The new Google Assistant UI does not impact the functionality of the assistant

Whether or not you are using navigation gestures, the user interface of the Google Assistant remains the same. In fact, there is no change in the assistant's functionality with these new UI changes.

This new update seems to be rolling out for more number of devices. And although these changes do not affect the functionality of the assistant, it is good to see that one of the most important products from Google gets a unifying interface.


Apparently, this change streamlines the Google Assistant across smartphones. So, users won't feel that they are losing out on any UI element without a unifying interface.

Such major changes have always been pushed by Google via a good server-side update. And this new change will also be reflected on the smartphones via a server-side update.

So, your device might pick up the update today or you have to wait a bit before the server-side update is live for your device. You can, however, make sure to keep the updated Google app installed on your smartphone, just to be sure.


In any case, the new UI refresh for the Google Assistant would be evident for all smartphones in the coming weeks.