Google Duplex On Web Will Help You With Your Shopping

Google duplex web shopping

Google Duplex will soon help you with your shopping and food ordering. At its Search On event earlier this week, Google provided an update on the status of the AI technology that uses natural conversations to get things done. Amid other things, the company said that it’s currently piloting Duplex on the web with things like shopping and food ordering for faster checkout.

Google didn’t provide any additional details around this development. However, it did promise to offer the same experience as with other tasks, like booking a rental car or buying movie tickets.

“With Duplex on the web, Google Assistant can complete tasks on the mobile web that would otherwise take up to 20 steps to complete,” Yaniv Leviathan and Yossi Matias of Google said in a blog post. Google brought Duplex to the web in May last year.


Duplex on the web will help you with shopping and food ordering

This is the latest of several features Google has added to Duplex since the AI technology was introduced at the Google I/O developer conference in 2018. Duplex powers Google Assistant to do things like making restaurant reservations and updating a Google Business listing. You can now even book haircut appointments. Duplex has completed more than a million bookings since its launch.

The Call Screen feature of this conversational AI technology also helps people avoid spam calls by letting Google Assistant answer unknown calls. Google says Call Screen helps people around the world save more than two million minutes on the phone every month.

With the recently-announced Hold for Me feature, Duplex in Google Assistant can now wait on hold for you. It’ll let you know when the other party is on the line.


Duplex has also been instrumental in providing people with accurate business information during this pandemic-induced uncertainty. With several new rules and regulations in place, you’d want to gather enough and accurate information before stepping out.

To ensure that business information is up to date, Duplex is now calling businesses automatically to update their listings. This helps both the businesses as well as customers. Launched in the US last year, Google expanded this feature to available in eight countries since the pandemic started. Since then, Duplex has helped make over three million updates to businesses.

Google says it still has “a way to go towards having truly natural-feeling conversations with machines”. The company also promises to “bring Duplex to new places to make life a little easier,” while maintaining transparency.