Google Duplex Can Now Book Your Next Hair Appointment

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Google Duplex is a feature of Google Assistant that Google promised would offer some pretty impressive functions, one of those being the ability to book a hair appointment for you.

It seems like Google started rolling this feature out to users on the sly, because it's now possible for some users in the US to have Duplex book a hair appointment for them. Google has not officially announced that Duplex's booking feature was going live. But it has apparently confirmed it was going live according to VentureBeat.

So it may be that not all users have access to it yet. It also only works on certain phones. Initially only those in the Pixel line. And specifically those that released around or after Google announced Duplex at its annual developer conference back in 2018. Though, it does also work on some non-Pixel phones as well.


Google Duplex can book hair appointments at salons and more

Though still fairly limited, it seems Duplex is kicking off the hair appointment feature at a handful of different establishments.

Through Google Assistant it can reportedly call and book appointments for you at salons, barbershops, and hairstylists. It'll make the calls for you and reserve a time slot. Which allows you to completely forego having to pick up the phone yourself for that specific task.

So far this is one of only two types of appointments or reservations that Duplex can make for you. The other being restaurant reservations. But it could signify that Google is ready to start adding in other functions in the near future. However it's anyone's guess what those will be and when they will arrive exactly.


Duplex can also buy movie tickets for you, but this works a bit differently than the other two as it doesn't place any phone calls.

The new feature can be used from any device with Google Assistant

Based on the report, the new feature can be used by any device that has Google Assistant available. Or, if not Google Assistant, access to Google Maps and Search.

That being said, these probably still need to be phone devices. Users have a range of options in how to set the appointment up. Including whether the haircut is for a man or woman or just a general haircut. Users can also select times and dates and check a box that lets Duplex know whether or not they're flexible with that timing.