Google Docs Is The Latest Workspace App That Gets @Mentions

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After bringing the @mentions support for the Google Docs app's comment section, Google is finally making this feature available in general.

This feature, i.e. the @mentions, is quite popular on social media apps. It lets you tag any other member or friend using the "@" symbol and typing the name of the person.

It is a quick and easy way to send communication across the right person. And now with the addition of this Google Docs @mentions support, users will be able to quickly send a mail and do other actions.

Besides, Google Docs @mentions support can be used to add people to contact and get information by hovering over a username. This is just like you would do in other Google Workspace apps, such as Gmail or Calendar.

Notably, the last two Workspace apps that got this @mentions support where Google Chat and Google Docs. However, the new @mentions support is now live for the entire app and is not limited to the comment section.

This means that the app is now fully integrated with the @mentions support feature. And users can make use of it to quickly perform a set of actions while in the doc as well while being in the comments section.

Google Docs @mentions support will not send notification while mentioning someone

Apparently, as per the official blog, using this Google Docs @mentions support or mentioning someone in the document will not send them a notification.

And mentioning someone who does not have the access to the document, you will receive a pop-up showing sharing suggestions. This gives you quick access to add that person for sharing purposes.

Additionally, you can use the sharing suggestions at that time or you can manually discard that option. And perform the sharing options in the latter part of your work.

A while ago, Google brought @mentions support for the Gmail app as well. This enabled the users to quickly add recipients of the email by simply mentioning their names after the "@" sign.

On top of this, once you add the recipient, a hyperlink would also be placed in the text area. Tagged names will also be added as the recipients of the email.

So, there are plenty of perks of using the new @mentions feature. This feature has no admin control and is available for all the Google Workspace end users.

Once you type "@", a drop-down list will emerge with the list of names. You can select any user you want from the list. The update is starting to roll out starting from October 6, 2020.

And Google will complete the rollout by October 29, 2020. So, if you have not yet received the update, then the new feature will arrive soon.

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