Google Discover Makes Two Important Changes To Cards

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Google Discover has decided to make a couple of changes to cards. As reported by 9to5Google, one sees a 'heart' used in order for users to offer feedback. Whilst the other will see Discover on some articles link to Google News full coverage.

Google Discover appears to be going from strength to strength. For example, the One Plus Series 8 has decided to kill its 'Shelf' feature in favour of Discover.

As a result of this success, Google Discover has continued to make changes up these ones to cards. Back in August, Discover introduced a video carousel or short videos.


Now, these two more changes appear to show Google is not done with improving Discover. Perhaps we can expect more innovations in the future.

Google Discover introduces 'hearts' feedback option

Prior to this, the only feedback you could offer in Discover was saying whether you wanted “more” or “less” of a topic. Now, it looks like Discover wants to make that process all the more simple.

In the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, you can quickly leave positive feedback with a small heart button to press. You can also leave negative feedback by saying you are 'not interested' in the overflow menu.

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This change does mean that the 'hide this story' option has been removed. This simpler feedback system will be useful to many, however, it does push people towards the positive and makes it more difficult to offer negative feedback. On the whole, though this system is a lot more simple and should be easier to use.

Discover starts linking articles to Google News

On top of this, some stories will offer full coverage through Google News on Discover. Stories which feature a four-color newspaper icon will offer this full coverage as shown in the below screenshots.

The idea behind this feature is to provide a fuller nutritive around a story. Offering additional viewpoints and arguments to give the full story more roundly.


It appears that only major stories will get this full coverage feature, so it is only a select few which will offer this.

As far as well can tell have yet to be rolled out widely. However, it looks like they are becoming more prevalent so a full roll out should come soon. For those that have them, they appear in both the Google app and the Discover feed to the left. Hopefully, it will not be too long before these features roll out fully to all.