Google Officially Discontinues Its $500 Nest Secure Alarm System

Nest Secure Connect Detect 12

Google launched its first-ever wireless home alarm system called the Nest Secure. It made its debut alongside the Nest Hello video doorbell and Nest Cam IQ outdoor security camera in 2017. Now, three years after its launch, the company has discontinued the product without announcing its successor.

According to Android Police, Google has stated that Nest Secure will continue to work for current users. However, the decision to kill one of its hardware devices is making the current situation look even weirder. The company recently announced its partnership with ADT to make its hardware more accessible across the country.

Google kills the Nest Secure alarm system three years after launch

If Google keeps on killing its services abruptly, it might create a sense of uncertainty for those willing to invest in Google’s ecosystem products. The $499 Nest Secure starter pack came with the Nest Guard, two Nest Detect sensors, and two Nest Tags.


Additionally, the Nest Guard also acts as a hub for the Nest Detect sensor which adds motion detection to any door or window. The Nest Tags with NFC will help in disabling the alarm without the need to enter the code. While the Nest Guard is no longer available, the Nest Detect and Nest Tag are still listed on the Google Store for $49 and $25 respectively.

Since they have no intention of selling the product, the company could stop offering software support anytime in the coming years. Now, it will become difficult to find any replacements for the hardware defects. As of now, there are no proper alternatives to replace the Nest Guard from Google.

It will continue to work for those who already own one

However, the recently launched Nest Thermostat has included a Soli chip for motion detection. Google might launch more home security devices featuring the Soli chip in the near future. In August this year, Google acquired a 6.6 percent stake in ADT for $450 million.


This move will help Nest devices like home security cameras and smart speakers get into more homes. Additionally, ADT customers will get access to the Nest Aware service. Also, ADT’s technicians are allowed to sell and install Google devices in the US.

Speaking of other Google services, the company shut down Google Play Music across the world. Though the company launched YouTube Music as an alternative, the compatibility issues and lack of apps on several platforms currently make it an inferior product.