Google Demos New Nest Thermostat's Full Integration With The Home App

Nest Thermostat Google Home App Integration

Google is offering full-fledged integration with the Google Home app for the newly announced Nest Thermostat. The company has officially introduced its new Thermostat earlier this week in the US and Canada. It is currently available to pre-order via the Google Store and costs just $129, which is almost half the price of the third-gen Nest Thermostat launched in 2015.

Unlike earlier, the Home app can be used to fully control the new Nest Thermostat. In a video posted on Google Nest's Youtube channel, the company demos all the features of this new integration. Users can access these controls by tapping on the "Thermostat" shortcut in the quick actions tab on the Google Home app's home screen.

New Nest Thermostat gets full integration with the Google Home App

Just like in the past, there is a dial for adjusting the temperature. It also includes + and – buttons placed below the dial to increment or decrement the temperature by one degree. Apart from showing the current temperature value, the app also displays humidity.


However, the new addition here is the quick actions tab at the bottom of the screen. The first option is for selecting a mode. Tapping on it shows four different temperature preferences — Heat, Cool, Heat + Cool, and Off. Users can select a temperature preset by tapping on the second button.

There will be a total of three options — Comfort, Eco, and Sleep. Additionally, these presets can be customized to the user's liking. To customize the presets, tap on the "Settings" icon in the top right corner of the screen and go to temperature preferences and select temperature presets.

Users can also create custom temperature presets

Apart from adjusting the default presets, users can also create their own preset by tapping on the "Create custom" button at the bottom. While customizing these presets, the app will display a green leaf icon to let users know that they have selected an energy-saving temperature.

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The next button in the quick actions tab is for holding the temperature at a certain level. Apart from selecting the desired temperature, users can also select the time period to hold that exact temperature. The last option is to run the fan for at least 15 minutes to up to 12 hours.

The app shows an orange glow to indicate it is in heat mode and a blue glow for cool mode. By the time the new Nest Thermostat goes on sale, the company might also bring the complete Google Home integration to the older Nest Thermostats.