Google Assistant Set To Add Support For Third-Party Podcast Services

Google Assistant AH NS 05

Google Assistant looks like it may expand its podcast support network by adding third-party services. This would see the platform go beyond Google Podcasts to incorporate other services as reported by Android Police.

Podcasts first became a feature on Google Assistant way back in 2018. However, for the last two years, they have only provided support for Google Podcasts. This means any other podcasts services were excluded.

Most recently, Google Assistant has added more suggestions in this area with Snapshot gaining more functionality. It now offers YouTube Music suggestions, news, sports, and other results.

However, it now looks like Google Assistant may aim to add third-party podcast services to the platform. This will allow the likes of other third party podcast services to become a part of the feature.

Google Assistant to add support for third-party podcasting services

Given Assistant has exclusively offered just Google Podcasts for over two years it is somewhat surprising that they have decided to change tactic now.

Right now Assistant is compatible with many music and podcast players on your phone. However, it only accepts a limited number of approved services on speakers and other smart devices.

For now, that has only included music streaming services like YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, iHeartRadio. Now it looks like that may change to include a number of podcasts services.

We have gained a hint that this may occur because a new Podcasts section showed up under Assistant's settings. As the screenshots below show the only options are Google Podcasts and "No default provider," at the moment.

However, Google would not have made this feature if it was only going to provide support of Google Podcasts. This suggests that support for other third-party services will become available in the future.

For many, this new feature will be welcomed heavily. Many of us have a preferred podcast service and with Assistant, using anything other than Google Podcasts was impossible.

However, like many of these small upgrades and changes to Assistant we have little idea of when this may roll out more fully.

The way Google has implemented the change suggests it is likely to be fairly soon otherwise why bother implementing it in the first place. Allowing support for a number of podcast services is not an easy feat so this change may take a bit of time to implement fully.

It may roll out in phases with a small number of services initially followed by more in the future.