Google Adds Election Features To Its Services To Aid Users

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Google has made it easier to find your nearest election voting locations by adding features to many of its apps. According to Google, its Google Maps and Search services as well as Google Assistant will now have features to help with users voting in the election.

Many companies have had to tread a fine line in the run-up to this election with the way they behave. Fighting the spread of misinformation has been difficult for the likes of Google and Twitter. Both have still developed new methods for curbing its spread.

However, most technology companies also wish to promote registering to vote on their platforms. TikTok for example has created an in-app guide to persuade users to vote.


This is similar to what Google is doing by providing better access to information for its users. By making it easier to find where they can vote Google will hope this persuades more to go out and make their voices heard in November.

Google adds elections services to many of its apps

Yunhan Xu, Product Manager at Google has written a blog post on the subject. He noted that “this year, searches for “how to vote” in the U.S. are higher than ever before.” As a result, Google has “launched election-related features with information from trusted and authoritative organizations in Google Search.”

In the near future users will be able to find their nearest in-person voting location or returning mail-in ballots. You can do this by simply searching for terms such as  “early voting locations” and “ballot drop boxes near me.”


Google also plans to make it possible to get the same information from the Google Assistant. Simply by “Hey Google, where do I vote?” to your smartphone, smart speaker, or smart display you will get useful election information from reliable sources.

After getting this information Maps will show you the directions of how to get to the voting location. Maps will also show you information about the voting hours of said location.

To achieve all of this Google has joined up with the Voting Information Project. The company plans to list more than 200,000 voting locations across the U.S.


For those places it cannot get direct information for then users will be directed to state and local election websites. Overall, this seems like a positive move for Google as they look to convince more Americans to vote by simply making it that bit easier to access that information.