Galaxy S21 Fast Charging Speed May Disappoint You

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The Samsung Galaxy S21 fast charging speed may disappoint you. The device got certified by the 3C authority in China, and that certification revealed the phone’s charging information.

According to it, the Galaxy S21 will support 25W fast charging. It will also ship with a 25W charger, it seems. That 25W fast charging will be identical to the one on the Galaxy S20, it seems.

Some people expected improvements in this regard, but it seems like we won’t get any. The Galaxy S20 Ultra can charge up to 45W, so many people expected such charging to arrive to the vanilla Galaxy S21.


Well, that won’t happen, it seems. This is somewhat surprising, as many other smartphone manufacturers have already upgraded to considerably faster charging. The recently-announced OnePlus 8T, for example, offers 65W fast wired charging.

The upcoming iPhone 12 units, however, will offer slower charging than the Galaxy S21. The Google Pixel 5 is also stuck at 18W, so in those comparisons, the Galaxy S21 charging actually looks kind of compelling.

25W fast charging that the Galaxy S21 will offer isn’t slow, but some competitors offer faster charging

25W fast charging from Samsung is not exactly slow, far from it. In comparison with 45W and 65W offerings, however, it is. Quite a few phones are also expected to offer 100W fast charging in 2021, so… yeah, Samsung was expected to upgrade.


The device will likely ship with a 4,000mAh battery. A tipster, NOT DJ Koh, suggested that the original capacity will be 3,880, so its typical capacity will likely be marketed as 4,000mAh. That is also the same battery capacity the Galaxy S20 offered.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra will stick to 45W charging, most probably. Some rumors popped up, suggesting that the device may offer 65W charging, but those rumors are not accurate, it seems.

A tipster went to Twitter to confirm that the Galaxy S21 Ultra will not offer 65W fast charging. It seems like Samsung will stay put when it comes to Galaxy S21 series charging speeds.


A rumor surfaced yesterday, claiming that the Galaxy S21 series will launch before the end of 2020. Well, that rumor is probably not accurate, but we’ll have to wait and see. It’s still more probable that we’ll see those phones launch in February or March.

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